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What are the main advantages of IF induction heating equipment?

The Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace is not mysterious because it is a metal surface heat treatment equipment which is very popular in the current heat treatment equipment market, and has the advantages of being environment-friendly, intelligent, high-efficiency, low-carbon and the like

The main advantage of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is

1, the heating principle is special: Compared with other metal heat treatment furnaces, the heating mode of the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is quite special, and the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is subjected to heat treatment processing on the metal workpiece by adopting an intermediate frequency electromagnetic principle, The heat is generated directly inside the metal workpiece by the inductor in a non-contact form. no longer processing by means of heat transfer,

2.the heat loss is less, the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, the production efficiency is high, So that the equipment is not easy to generate waste gas and dust and the like on the environment during the processing process, so that the environment-friendly processing is realized, and the requirements of the relevant departments are met

3, the price is fair: because the induction heating furnace is still a non-standard product, the manufacturer customizes the production according to the user’s workpiece material, shape, size, process requirements, production efficiency and so on. According to the different needs of the user, the manufacturer configuration scheme is different, and the final equipment quotation is different.

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