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What are the methods of heat treatment of metal workpieces?

The development of  metal heat treatment technology has not known how many years, the heat treatment technology is more and more mature and reliable. Heating from the original fuel to the liquid, after the subsequent heating of the gas is electric heating, etc.

induction heat treatment furnace

1: the fuel used by the fuel combustion heating method may be solid (coal), liquid (oil) and gas (gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas). Coal-fired reflection furnace has a certain position in the heat treatment and heating method because of the abundant resources of coal-fired heating. The nature of coal and the structure of reflecting furnace determine that coal is not easy to completely burn, so the thermal efficiency of coal furnace is low, the heating quality and working conditions are poor, and coal fume pollutes the environment. These shortcomings have led to the gradual replacement of the coal-fired heating method by other heating methods.

2. Gas fuel heating: in the nozzle, gas is mixed with a certain proportion of air and ejected from combustion. This method can directly heat the workpiece placed in the heating chamber or spray the flame into the radiation tube installed in the heating chamber to indirectly heat the workpiece. When used in the salt bath furnace, the nozzle is installed on the shell outside the crucible, and the flame shoots toward the outside of the crucible to heat the molten salt. The gas fuels used for heating include gas, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas. The combustion atmosphere of oxidation or reduction can be obtained by adjusting the ratio of air to gas, thus reducing the degree of oxidative decarbonization when the workpiece is heated. This heating method is suitable for large bulk heating and adequate gas supply areas.

3.Electric heating-Induction heating equipment uses electricity as the heat source and converts electrical energy into thermal energy by various methods to heat the workpiece. When electric heating, temperature is easy to control, no environmental pollution, high thermal efficiency. There are many methods of electric heating. The electrical heating element heats up the workpiece by using the power frequency (50? 60 Hz) alternating current passing through the electrothermal element. The heating elements are usually arranged around or on both sides of the heating chamber to ensure uniform heating temperature in the heating chamber, and there are also indirect heating of the workpiece by installing the elements in the radiation tube. For an external salt bath or metal bath furnace, the heating element is arranged outside the crucible and in the shell space. This heating method can also be used in floating particle furnaces for alumina particles. It is suitable for areas where the workpiece is fully heated and fully powered.


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