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What are the performance characteristics of steel induction heating equipment?

The induction heating equipment , see this word, a kind of mechanical equipment heated by the principle of electromagnetic induction in many people’s mind, in particular its function and use, are all clear, in order to let people know the steel heating furnace, it is necessary to introduce the lower steel heating furnace in detail.

What is induction heating equipment? Induction heating equipment is a kind of mechanical equipment which uses electromagnetic principle to process metal steel. Through induction coil, heat is generated directly from the inside of metal workpiece, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 95%. There will be no pollution of waste gas, waste smoke and dust in the process of processing, so as to realize environmental protection production and processing. At present, induction heating equipment is widely used in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, wind power machinery, railway transportation, automobile manufacturing and other industries. What are the performance characteristics of steel heating furnace? Compared with the ordinary metal heating equipment, this steel heating furnace has advanced structure, adopts electromagnetic principle heating, the production can be produced directly without preheating, the performance of steel heating furnace is also relatively stable, the processing quality is reliable, and the steel surface is not easy to produce oxidation scale, burning loss and decarbonization and so on. The whole steel heating furnace adopts PLC system touch screen to control the production centrally, which will not occur in the production process, and can realize automatic production in the whole process and reduce the production cost for the user. The equipment is equipped with a high precision closed loop temperature control system to monitor the heating temperature of metal steel in real time to ensure that the heating temperature of the workpiece is within the target temperature range and the processing quality is guaranteed.


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