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What do you know about the daily maintenance of metal heating equipment?

The daily maintenance of the metal surface heat treatment used in the industry should include the regular maintenance and inspection of the main components of the equipment for the equipment, so that the production can be carried out smoothly, and the service life of the equipment and the components can be prolonged, Therefore, the manufacturer shall specify the contents, methods, tools used for each maintenance project, the purpose of the requirements, the maintenance period and the execution personnel, etc. Next, the small series of the remote-to-large electromechanical manufacturer will detail and introduce the day-to-day maintenance work of the metal Induction heating machine.

1. Check whether the power supply, the cooling water channel of the quenching machine tool, the cooling system has water leakage, the blockage phenomenon, the flow rate is abnormal, the water pressure and the temperature are in the normal range, and the like, in particular, the water path for the booster pump to be cooled by the inductor needs to be carefully checked, otherwise, the light source burns the inductor when the part is heated, The power supply is damaged by the heavy person.

2. Check whether the water level of the distilled water tank is normal to the equipment that uses the distilled water to cool the high-power electronic device.

3. When the equipment is in operation, check whether the indicator light on the control board of the integrated circuit is abnormal, and whether there is abnormal sound or smell.

4. Check whether the wiring of the electric component of the regular operation is loose, whether the structure is deformed, whether the instrument pointer is flexible, the digital display data is accurate, and whether the axial flow fan of the cooling device is reliable.

5. Keep the equipment clean and clean, especially the high-pressure output part, which is often used for dust removal, decontamination and creepage prevention.


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