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What equipment for heat treatment of steel bars?

What kind of metal heat treatment furnace is more popular in the current heat treatment market, what kind of metal heat treatment furnace does the customer need? There is no doubt that it is a high cost performance induction heating device, taking Hebei as an example, as the main domestic metal heat treatment furnace and the production area of the induction heating equipment, the size of the factory in the area is different, the quality of the equipment is not equal, which makes the customer confused at the time of selection, Here’s how to look at the price and quality of an intermediate frequency heating device.

The price of the Induction heating machine is as much as the current domestic heat treatment market, and a metal heat treatment furnace can face the problems of upgrading or phase-out, induction heating equipment and the like in a short period of time, The performance of the intermediate frequency heating equipment produced by different manufacturers has a great relationship with the technical level. If there is no technology, the intermediate frequency heating equipment is simple to imitate, and the price is relatively cheap, but the quality is not good, and no new technology is developed, and the machine is in a relatively backward state. So buy the medium-frequency heating furnace must buy big manufacturer, the quality must be guaranteed, and then compare the price. What is the price of the induction heating equipment.

There are also differences in the price of intermediate frequency heating furnace. In general, the price of complete induction heating equipment ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. According to the configuration of induction heating equipment, the price is different. For Yuantuo electromechanical manufacturers, we must pay attention to the quality of equipment. Because it is high quality intermediate frequency heating equipment that moves customers, not fake ultra-low prices. Therefore, high quality and low price has always been the goal of our pursuit, more intermediate frequency heating furnace price related questions, please call Yuantuo electromechanical customer service hotline, by the manufacturer to arrange professional technical engineers for you to answer the service!

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