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What equipment is used for metal heat treatment?

The metal steel bar can obtain good mechanical properties such as strength, hardness, wear resistance and the like after the heat treatment and processing of the induction heat treatment, thus being a good metal material. Therefore, the heat treatment of various metal workpieces is started, and the induction heating equipment is selected for heat treatment, and the price of the induction heating equipment is determined by the yield and the configuration.

In order to understand the price of the production line of the remote induction heating equipment, the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment is a non-standard customized product, and the price is generally made by the manufacturer according to the material, shape, size and process requirements and production efficiency of the metal workpiece of the user, and the quotation is made. Low-priced, starting from the price of the medium-frequency diathermy equipment, as a powerful brand metal heat treatment equipment manufacturer in Hebei, it provides the user with a complete set of induction heating equipment. The full set of medium-frequency heating equipment provides the user with a wider choice of space, and the key is that these equipment are produced and sold by the remote-to-large-scale machine, without any other dealers and no intermediate difference, so at the same time of the quality guarantee, the price is also quite low. in that profit, the main purpose of the heat treatment proces of the metal work piece from the formal operation of the remote induction heating equipment is the profit, and the production line of the induction heating equipment designed by the far end has been successfully used in various provinces and cities throughout the country, and by virtue of the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy conservation, durability and the like, And continuously creates high-profit benefits for users.



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