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What equipment is used for stainless steel annealing?

What equipment is used for stainless steel annealing?


Stainless steel induction annealing furnace from Forever Furnace can be used for stainless steel bright annealing,stainless steel hardening, stainless steel induction heating and so on.Stainless steel induction annealing is the process that induction annealing furnace heat stainless steel to 1050℃ and then cooled to 100℃ under the hydrogen protection.

 The advantages of stainless steel induction annealing furance

1. Reduce the hardness and improve machinability;

2.Eliminate the residual stress, stable size and reduce the deformation and crack tendency;

3. Refine the grain, adjust the organization, and eliminate the defect of the organization.

Annealing process is widely used in production. According to the requirements of annealing for different purposes, there is a variety of annealing standard, commonly used with full annealing, annealing, and stress annealing.

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Post time: 03-29-2016