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What equipment is used to produce Φ120mm steel ball?

Looking ahead, grinding steel balls are used to grind materials in mining, cement, coal chemical and other fields. What kind of round steel is more suitable for the production line of 120mm diameter steel balls?

Fully automatic steel ball production equipment – understand the process of steel ball production, that is, heating the round steel to 950-1050 degrees, and then treating it with oblique rolling mill or forging hammer. The specific process is as follows:

Steel ball rolling heating furnace

Specification: 20mm – 120mm in diameter.

Round steel material: 65Mn, 60Mn, 50Mn, B2, B3, 40Cr, 45, etc.

Round steel length: 6000mm.

Heating modemedium frequency induction heating furnace

Heating temperature: 950 ~ 1050 ℃.


Air hammer forging steel ball equipment

Air hammer forging steel ball is a traditional forging production process of wear-resistant steel ball. Air hammer is used to forge raw materials to the required deformation and increase forging ratio, so as to make the internal structure of ball milling steel ball more dense, improve toughness and density, improve wear resistance and reduce crushing rate. Forged steel ball with diameter of 100-150mm can be produced.


Summary: through the understanding of Steel ball rolling equipment and steel ball forging equipment, we can understand that steel ball hot rolling scheme or steel ball forging scheme can be adopted for the production of steel ball with diameter of 120mm. Which is more suitable needs to be discussed in detail with the professional technical engineer of the manufacturer.


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