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What is annealing? What is the purpose of annealing treatment of stainless steel pipe?

Annealing heat treatment is a kind of heat treatment process which heats the metal workpiece to a certain temperature and then cools the metal workpiece at a suitable rate. The mechanical properties of annealed stainless steel pipe can be tested by tensile test or hardness test. Many of the steel is supplied in the state of annealing and heat treatment. The hardness of stainless steel pipe can be tested by Rockwell hardness tester and HRB hardness. For thinner steel plate, steel strip and thin-wall steel pipe, surface Rockwell hardness tester can be used. Test the hardness of HRT.

The purpose of annealing is to improve or eliminate all kinds of microstructure defects and residual stresses caused by stainless steel pipe during casting, forging, rolling and welding, so as to prevent annealing deformation and cracking of stainless steel pipe.

1. The Annealing furnace for steel tube can improve or eliminate the microstructure defects and residual stress caused by casting, forging, rolling and welding.

2, soften stainless steel pipe annealed for cutting.

3, if annealing furnace refines the grain and improves the microstructure to improve the mechanical properties of metal workpieces.

4, stainless steel pipe annealed for final heat treatment (quenching, tempering) to prepare the microstructure.

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