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What is the heating effect of inductor heating equipment related to

At present, many factories use induction heating equipment when heating metals. Because the thermal efficiency of induction heating equipment can reach more than 98%, it is the most ideal induction heating furnace  in heating industry. In the past 22 years, Yuantuo Electromechanical specializes in the production of medium and high frequency induction heating equipment, quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment, rich experience, technology first, so when using induction heating equipment, what are the factors that affect its heating effect?

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The following are related to what is related to the heating effect of the electric induction heater under your analysis:

1. Heating distance: the distance between the heated body and the induction heating coil, and the number of induction heating coils designed by the induction heater. The invention provides a remote-to-large electromechanical induction heater, which adopts a sectional manufacturing process that a sectional type structural sensor is convenient for manufacturing and maintenance, and different functions are given to each section according to a temperature gradient requirement, a variable power density is designed to be matched with a two-point type temperature control, and the heating temperature can be more accurate, And the production efficiency is higher.

2. Heating medium: At present, the current industrial electric heater has certain requirements for heating medium, and is preferably made of iron or carbon steel. If the electric induction heater is directly used for heating the pipe or container of the stainless steel material. Of course, if it is a stainless steel material, to do the electromagnetic heating, it is also the first case scheme to process it.

3. Distance of the host of the electric induction heater. It is generally recommended that it be placed within 3 meters, so that the heating effect is the most desirable.

The heating effect of the electric induction heater is shared with what is related today, so it is possible to pay attention to the installation and production, and also to the other technical consultation of the electric heating equipment of the electric heating equipment. The remote induction heating equipment includes steel bar heating equipment, steel pipe quenching equipment, pipeline welding seam treatment equipment, local quenching equipment, aluminum rod heating furnace, aluminum alloy solid solution treatment equipment, sucker rod quenching furnace, petroleum casing quenching and tempering heat treatment equipment and the like.

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