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What is the performance of induction heating equipment?

induction heating equipment is a new type of metal heat treatment furnace on the market at present. It is a special equipment for heat treatment of metal workpieces, which can be used as steel rod heat treatment furnace, steel pipe tempering equipment, steel bar heating equipment, billet heating equipment, steel plate quenching equipment and so on. Whether it is online or in practice, there are many users to consult:” induction heating equipment which manufacturer equipment quality?” Let’s discuss it together.

induction heat treatment furnace

What is the effect of induction heating equipment?

Induction heating equipment is a medium frequency current heat treatment equipment, through the sensor in the form of non-contact heat treatment of metal workpiece processing, thermal efficiency up to 95%, heating speed, short time, heating metal steel rod does not produce oxidation skin, burning, decarbonization and other phenomena, save materials, processing quality. Induction heating equipment is applied in mining machinery, petroleum machinery, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other industries, and the industrial value is high. Since there is such a large market, the profit cannot be less. Induction heating equipment can achieve environmental protection, energy saving, intelligent, efficient, low carbon and other production and processing, very favored by the market.

High quality induction heating equipment reduces failure probability

1. Manufacturer’s production strength: strength determines the details, the quality of intermediate frequency furnace by the type of raw materials, production technology, technology level, production process, production facilities and other aspects of the impact, the manufacturer’s production strength, skilled workers, production process meticulous, strictly in accordance with the relevant standards, the quality of metal heating equipment produced reliable, fewer failures, users use more assured.

2. Field inspection of the production site: listen to the factory no matter how much more than the user to the site to understand, go to the manufacturer’s workshop to understand, but also to the manufacturer’s major production site field inspection, listen to the real user, to understand the quality of the factory induction heating equipment. Yuantuo mechanical and electrical above methods have services, you can go to the site in-depth understanding.


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