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What is the processing effect of induction heating equipment? is there pollution? How much is it?

What is the processing effect of induction heating equipment? is there pollution? As long as the right manufacturer, can ensure that the steel bar quenching furnace in line with environmental standards, such as Hebei Yuantuo electromechanical equipment manufacturers. In the production of intermediate frequency heating equipment, far-reaching manufacturers always stand at the user’s point of view, “good at work, craftsman in the heart, products in line”, and strive to build environmental protection type, high-yield type, high-quality type, energy-saving intermediate frequency heating equipment.

According to the different shape of metal workpiece, the induction heating equipment is divided into steel bar heat treatment equipment, steel pipe heat treatment equipment, steel plate heat treatment equipment, steel bar heat treatment equipment, stainless steel heating equipment, billet heating equipment, aluminum rod heating equipment and so on.

Environmental protection equipment has the following conditions:

1, the motor is selected properly, the working noise is reduced, and the energy consumption is effectively reduced;

2, the induction heating furnace adopts sealed design to reduce dust spillover;

3, green steel is selected to meet the environmental protection production standard.

4. Using electromagnetic principle to heat, there is no waste gas smoke and dust pollution in the heating process.

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