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What is the quality of induction heating equipment in China?

The development of induction heating equipment industry has given birth to a number of metal heat treatment enterprises, compared with the previous years, the manufacturing level of domestic metal heat treatment enterprises has been greatly improved. As an important industrial production base in China, Hebei Yuantuo Mechanical and Electrical equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the development concept of innovation, intelligence, environmental protection, the development and production of induction heating equipment, induction quenching equipment, quenching and conditioning furnace and so on have been exported to more than 30 countries abroad, has been praised by users, you do not have to worry about quality problems at all!

Induction heating equipment is developed by our technical research and development personnel combined with advanced European technology. The main advantage of this equipment lies in the use of air-cooled IGBT induction heating power supply, which can be used when the power supply is turned on, low power consumption and high production efficiency. Formula management function: powerful formula management system, after inputting the parameters such as steel, diameter, length and so on, automatically call the relevant parameters, no longer need to manually record, consult, enter the parameters needed for all kinds of work-pieces.


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Post time: 08-14-2019