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What is the reason why induction heaters are popular with many metal heating plants

induction heat treatment machine is divided into steel bar induction heating furnace, steel tube heating furnace,Rebar heat treatment furnace , billet heating furnace, aluminum bar heating furnace and so on. Mainly used in steel rod, steel pipe, steel bar, aluminum bar, screw steel, billet and other metal processing plants.



So why do so many metal heaters use induction heaters? What’s the advantage? Let’s understand:

1, wear and tear is small, failure rate is small, service life is long. High-quality structural design, all spare parts, wear-resistant parts are selected professional specifications, and has a fully automated lubrication oil supply system, to ensure that the whole machine wear less, less failure rate, ensure the service life of the equipment.

2, compact structure, small footprint. The traditional metal reheating furnace occupies a large space, which affects the planning and space planning of customer occasions. The new induction heating furnace realizes the compact structure of power supply, inductor, material rack and so on, so that the customer workshop space can be used effectively.

3, the labor intensity is small, the output power is high. With the PLC intelligent electronic control system, it can be set easily by only one person on the electronic control platform, which reduces the labor intensity fundamentally and improves the output power.

4, wide range of applications, sensors can be designed according to the actual needs of the user, many groups of induction heaters, just according to the workpiece specifications to replace the sensor, and select the corresponding program number can be.

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