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What is the working principle of medium frequency diathermy forging furnace?

What is the working principle of Intelligent medium frequency induction heating furnace? The following Yuantuo electromechanical has 30 years of production experience of the old engineer for you to answer! Telephone consultation can provide you with detailed quotations and plans for induction heating equipment free of charge. Welcome to the company to negotiate business!

The advantages of medium frequency diathermy forging furnace are as follows:

1. Air cooling induction should be controlled by heating power supply, low power consumption, high production efficiency, and can be used when the power supply is turned on.

2. The heating speed is fast, the heating is uniform, the temperature difference of the core table is very small, the heat of the temperature control precision is high and the heat is produced in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform and the temperature difference of the core table is very small. The application of temperature control system can realize the accurate control of temperature to improve the product quality and qualified rate.

3. The medium frequency induction diothermic furnace has high production efficiency, less oxidation decarbonization

4,Energy saving and environmental protection, superior working environment, improved workers’ working environment and company image, no pollution and low energy consumption.

5. The intelligent automation degree is high, and the man-machine interface PLC automatic control program is adopted, which has the function of “one key start”.


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