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What kind of metal heat treatment furnace with high efficiency and high yield?

With the rapid development of domestic industry, the demand for high quality metal work-piece has been relatively high, and the high quality metal work-piece needs to be produced by heat treatment. However, under the current environmental protection, it has created a new development opportunity for energy saving production of green induction heating equipment. How to configure a high-yield production line, how to carry out the operation of metal heat treatment furnace to create higher economic benefits, far extension electromechanical from a number of angles for you to analyze.

Metal heat treatment equipment includes which intermediate frequency metal heating furnace needs a lot of equipment, mainly composed of intermediate frequency power supply, feeding frame, feeding system, induction heating system, blanking rack, storage rack and control system. Each link of metal heat treatment furnace production must be intertwined in order to achieve orderly production. Different operating steps have different equipment to complete the work flow of intermediate frequency metal heating equipment. The metal work-piece is manually transferred to the storage rack, and then the metal is rolled over to the feeding system by the feeding system. The work-piece is transported to the induction heating furnace for heating. After heating, the work-piece is transported out by the feeding system to the blanking mechanism to roll to the blanking frame, and the heat treatment is completed by cooling.

Where to plan how to realize high yield in heat treatment production, when the production line is constructed, it needs to be calculated carefully. The so-called cutting tool without mistake cutting firewood needs to be considered in many factors when selecting equipment. The performance requirements of different metal work-pieces, as well as the frequency of equipment, power and so on, all need to be fully understood; some users tend to high yield, some users pay attention to high production, different metal heat treatment furnace working principle is different, working advantages will also be different, specific purchase, users can participate in providing heat treatment quenching equipment parameters for consideration. With the equipment, it is very important to plan and connect these equipment reasonably, which requires a professional engineer to design and calculate for you. Yuanyuo Electromechanical and Electrical Engineering has arranged a professional engineer for each user to design and create a suitable metal heat treatment equipment to help you produce. Yuantuo electromechanical induction heating equipment in the nearly 20 years of development process, with the strength to win the trust of users, with integrity, enthusiasm to return the trust of users, we have excellent quality, advanced technology, perfect after-sale, reasonable quotation, more information, you can call the staff, wholeheartedly serve you!


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