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Which manufacturer of induction heating equipment is excellent in China?

Induction electric furnace is a new and efficient heating equipment in the field of heat treatment, which has the advantages of flexible production and environmental protection. It is widely used in ore, construction, wind power and other fields, such as steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating furnace, steel plate heating furnace, billet heating furnace, steel bar heating furnace, aluminum rod heating furnace, copper rod heating furnace and so on. By the majority of customers praise and trust. So what are the functional characteristics of induction heating equipment? Which brand is better to use?

First, the functional characteristics of induction heating equipment

1, induction heating equipment is a collection of materials, heating, feeding, control and other functions of the equipment, and can be used online with other mechanical equipment to improve the production efficiency of the equipment. To meet the high output requirements of users.

2, induction heating equipment does not need traditional intermediate frequency heating furnace, induction heating equipment is more flexible, can be used for overall heating or local heating of metal workpieces, local heating energy consumption is lower. The deformation of the workpiece is smaller.

3, the technology of Yaohui mechanical induction heating equipment is advanced, the raw material selection is high quality and wear resistant, the failure rate of the whole machine is low, and the service life is long.

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