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Which one is good for metal heat treatment furnace?

the  induction heating furnace is a metal heat treatment furnace capable of independently finishing the metal heat treatment process and does not need other auxiliary equipment to work together, And performing heat treatment processing on the blanking. In the traditional working mode of the heating equipment, the flame furnace is difficult to move due to the large volume of the flame furnace, and the work such as manual feeding, conveying and blanking is required, and the safety is not guaranteed. And the heat treatment quality of the work-piece is not guaranteed completely. And the novel induction heating equipment is distinguished from a plurality of heat treatment equipment, and the high-efficiency intelligent full-automatic performance and the safe and reliable heating production characteristics are realized, and the processing quality of the work-pieces is guaranteed.

The whole set of equipment of metal heat treatment equipment, the working advantage of the whole equipment of medium frequency metal heating furnace adopts electromechanical integrated structure design, the structure is compact but each component is reasonable, the fuselage design is scientific, and the space occupied is small and reduces the capital construction of users. The intermediate frequency metal heating equipment can be turned on and on without preheating, which saves a lot of electricity compared with the traditional heating equipment. After many experiments and improvements, the manufacturer of metal heat treatment furnace has successfully built an induction heating equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection from the point of view of structure and performance. New structure, fast production in order to facilitate customers to process work-piece size range is large, metal heat treatment equipment according to the size of the user work-piece customized corresponding specifications of the furnace body, only need to replace the furnace body, the furnace body using water and electricity joints to quickly replace the structure, can greatly reduce standby time and improve the production efficiency of users; Intelligent upgrade, reliable full set of heat treatment quenching equipment adopts PLC control system, intelligent control equipment start and stop, parameter adjustment, one-button adjustment, simple, convenient and accurate, compared with manual debugging, more reliable; The furnace body is optimized for environmental protection, and the production of pollution-free intermediate frequency metal heating equipment itself is electromagnetic induction heating. In addition, the furnace body is fully sealed by adding environmental protection elements, and there is no dust, noise and other pollution in the metal heat treatment process.


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