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Why choose Induction heating equipment for Metal Hot working

In the  metal heat treatment industry, there are many heating equipment, such as traditional flame furnace, resistance furnace, gas furnace, so why choose induction heating equipment? The following is a brief description of the advantages of induction heating equipment in the metal heat treatment industry.

optimization of consistency

The induction heating device eliminates inconsistencies and quality problems associated with flame heating and other methods. The heating mode is repeatable and consistent after the induction heating device is properly calibrated and set. by adopting the modern heating equipment, the accurate temperature control can ensure the consistency; through the closed-loop temperature control, the advanced induction heating equipment has the capability of measuring the temperature of the work piece, And data may be recorded for each heat treatment workpiece.

improve product quality

The components to be heated are not in direct contact with the flame or other heating elements by the induction heating device, and the heat is induced within the workpiece itself by the alternating current. Therefore, the deformation of the workpiece is minimal. In order to obtain the maximum product quality.

Extension of other mechanical life

The intermediate frequency heating device quickly transfers heat to very small areas of the workpiece without heating any other components around it. This extends the life of other devices or components around the perimeter.

The unique energy saving process of reducing energy consumption converts up to 90% of energy consumption into useful heat; heat treatment furnaces usually have only 45% energy efficiency. The machining process of induction heating equipment is highly compatible with energy saving automation system.


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