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Why choose the Steel Wire Heating Furnace from YuanTuo company?

Why choose the Steel Wire Heating Furnace  from YuanTuo company?

YuanTuo furnace company is a high-tech enterprises which have supply many kinds of the induction heating equipment such as the steel wire heating furnace,steel bar heating equipment and steel pipe heating equipment.The steel wire heating furnace is our company’s typical product.Depending on our rich induction heating experience ,you will get many benefits from our steel wire heating furnace.

The main features of the Steel Wire Heating Furnace  from YuanTuo furnace company:

1.Energy saving,With the IGBT power supply, our steel wire heating furnace will saving much energy than other heating method.

2.More automation.Our steel wire heating furnace is equipped the automatic feeding system then achieve heating process more automatic.

3.Precise temperature control.The infrared thermometer and  closed-loop control system can help you control the heating temperature precisely.

4.Heating uniformly.The rotating roller can feed the steel wire to the heating furnace rotating then the steel wire was heating uniformly.

5.Environment. The induction heating furnace won’t release the  smoke and other harmful gas so no pollution for the environment,

For more information about the  steel wire heating furnace and other induction heat treating equipment,please feel free to contact with our company.Our company will try our best to service for you.

Post time: 07-23-2016