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Why should induction heating equipment be selected for metal heat treatment?

induction heating equipment is a very popular metal surface heat treatment at present. With its unique heating mode, induction heating equipment realizes energy saving and environmental protection, which solves the difficult problems of metal heat treatment manufacturers, but is induction heating furnace just energy saving and environmental protection? Today, the editor will tell you why to choose intermediate frequency heating furnace as your metal heat treatment equipment.

The performance and characteristics of induction heating equipment are as follows:

1. Induction heating furnace has high selectivity and can be used for whole or local heating of metal work-piece. The energy consumption of the locally heated metal work-piece is lower, the deformation degree of the work-piece is smaller, and the quality of the work-piece is higher. 2, the heating speed of the electric heating metal work-piece is fast, and the work-piece reaches the required temperature within 1 to 2 seconds, so only a small amount of oxidation and decarbonization will occur on the surface of the work-piece, and there is little need for gas protection device.

3. The equipment is equipped with a high precision temperature control system, and the original infrared thermometer monitors the heating temperature of the work-piece in real time. It can automatically adjust the power of the power supply to ensure that the heating quality of the work-piece reaches the standard.

4. Different from the traditional heating equipment, the intermediate frequency heating furnace can also be produced online with other mechanical equipment to form a highly mechanized and automatic production line, which can simultaneously carry out operation and management, save a lot of manpower, improve the working efficiency.

5, the induction heating equipment is compact in structure, mechatronics design, and the layout of zero devices is reasonable. Using PLC and touch screen centralized control, the operation is simple.

6, the induction heating furnace can provide manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operating heating equipment according to the needs of users. The load rate of the equipment is as high as 99%. It can run continuously 24 hours a day to meet the high output requirements of users.

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