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Why should the metal be annealed? What’s the purpose?

Tempering, quenching, annealing, normalizing is the “four-turn fire” of heat treatment, and the tempering is one of the metal heat treatment  processes in which the frequency is higher, so what is the purpose of the metal to temper the heat treatment?

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Metal induction tempering heat treatment:

1, reducing the brittleness, eliminating or reducing the internal stress, and the steel part is subjected to high internal stress and brittleness after the steel part is quenched, and the steel part can be deformed and even cracked when the steel part is not tempered in time.

2, the mechanical property required by the workpiece is obtained, the hardness of the workpiece is high and the brittleness is high after being quenched, and in order to meet the requirements of different performances of various workpieces, the hardness can be adjusted by the matching of the appropriate tempering, so that the brittleness can be reduced, and the required toughness and plasticity can be obtained.

3. Stabilize the size of the workpiece.

4. For some alloy steel which is difficult to soften by annealing, high-temperature tempering is often used after quenching (or normalizing), so that the carbide in the steel is properly collected, the hardness is reduced, and the cutting process is facilitated.

Tempering treatment of metal workpiece can effectively improve its performance. Remote extension electromechanical can provide metal heat treatment equipment for users. According to the user’s metal workpiece material, size, heat treatment process requirements, production efficiency and so on, the metal heat treatment furnace can meet the production requirements of users. Welcome to consult Yuantuo Electromechanical.


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