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Suitable annealing Furnace for Seamless Steel Pipe

Pipe induction hardening machineis very common in industry, mainly used in oil pipeline annealing, gas pipeline annealing and other fields. The purpose of annealing is to reduce hardness and improve machinability; Eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency, refine grain, adjust microstructure, eliminate microstructure defect.

Compared with the traditional fuel furnace, seamless steel tube annealing furnace has the following advantages:

1. In steel pipe production, there is no pollution when heated by medium frequency induction furnace, and the heat efficiency of the furnace is higher than that of ordinary flame furnace.

2, process energy saving. The energy saving of medium frequency heating with gravity oil is 31.5% / 54.3%, which is 5% / 40% less than that of gas heating,

3the oxidation loss of workpieces is less, the oxidation loss of medium frequency heating forgings is only 0.5%, and the oxidation loss of gas furnace is 2%. Coal burning furnace up to 3%, medium frequency heating technology to save steel.

4, the heating temperature is uniform, the quality is good, the waste rate can be reduced by 1.5%, and the production efficiency can be increased by 10% / 30%.

5, compact equipment, small footprint, greatly saving space, convenient maintenance, equipment heating furnace to achieve modularization, convenient replacement.

6, high degree of automation, easy to achieve automation, save labor costs, improve work efficiency. The automation of heating production line is realized and the production capacity of forging mainframe is brought into full play.


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