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Which metal surface treatment furnace is good?

Yuantuo is an induction heating equipment manufacturer integrating production, sales and scientific research. The induction heating equipment produced is of superior performance, and the price is more affordable than that of the same industry. Of course, everyone has such a mind that the quality of metal surface treatment furnace will be defective if the price is low. You can tell you know that the equipment produced by Yuantuo electromechanical production. You can use it. The quality is absolutely. With regard to the mechanical and electrical metal surface treatment furnace, both in performance and use, it has a great advantage, which is developed through years of experience.

What are the advantages of metal surface treatment furnaces?

1, high efficiency and energy saving, and the output is higher than that of other equipment such as electron tube high-frequency equipment;

2. Stable operation, safe and reliable. The internal components of the metal surface treatment equipment are all famous brands in the world to ensure the operation capacity and production capacity of the equipment;

3. The sensor is customized according to the size of the user’s work-piece. The temperature of the metal surface treatment equipment is uniform, the temperature difference of the core gauge is small, and the production is more stable;

4. With environmental protection and energy saving, the principle of electromagnetic induction is heating, the heat loss is small, the heating efficiency is more than 85%, and the energy-saving effect is prominent;The furnace body is of sealed design, without dust pollution during heating, effectively reducing noise and realizing environmental heating.

The method of effectively maintaining the long service life of metal surface treatment furnace first, the operation method metal surface treatment equipment is in operation, the operator should use the correct operation method to operate, if the operation is improper, often affects the normal operation of the metal surface treatment furnace, then the service life of the equipment will certainly be reduced. Second, the maintenance method users should maintain and repair the induction heating and quenching equipment on a regular basis, which can greatly increase the service life of the equipment, and the regular inspection of vulnerable parts is also essential. If damaged parts are found, they should be replaced as soon as possible. Third, the maintenance method for the maintenance of equipment, we need to pay more attention to the metal surface treatment furnace, regular inspection of various components, timely maintenance in the event of equipment failure, replacement parts in time to replace, so as to increase the service life, without delaying the work of induction heating equipment, can avoid a lot of economic losses.

Post time: 07-18-2019