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Ф15-150 mm round steel bar heat treatment production line

Forever round bar induction heat treatment furnace is suitable for heating and spray cooling of steel rods with a diameter of 15-150mm and a material length of over 700mm, as well as metal rods such as round steel, bolts, and screws.

The equipment is widely used in industries such as steel, machinery, automobiles, construction, and bridges to improve the strength, hardness, and wear resistance of steel bars.

This device combines induction heating technology and intelligent control system to achieve efficient and precise heat treatment of steel bars. Its core advantages lie in precise temperature control and uniform heat treatment effect.

Through round steel induction hardening and tempering equipment , the steel rod can quickly and uniformly reach the preset temperature, ensuring that the temperature inside and outside the steel rod is consistent. During the cooling stage, the equipment precisely controls the cooling speed and method to ensure that the steel rod achieves the desired structure and performance. In order to meet the different specifications and requirements of steel bar heat treatment, steel bar heat treatment furnaces have multiple models and configurations. Small steel bar heat treatment furnaces are suitable for small diameter steel bars and have the characteristics of rapid heating and cooling; Large steel bar heat treatment furnaces are suitable for larger diameter steel bars, with higher heating power and greater processing capacity. At the same time, the device can also customize its functions and configurations according to user requirements, such as automatic loading and unloading, temperature curve recording, etc.

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