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6000 kW Steel billet reheating induction furnace 150 * 150 steel billets

This 6000 kW billet induction reheating machine is customized by Forever Electromechanical according to the specific production needs of customers. Specially designed for heating continuous casting steel billets with dimensions of 150mmx150mmx12000mm.

This equipment is mainly used to heat steel billets from a surface temperature of 800 ° C before entering the furnace to 1100 ° C, meeting the efficient production needs of customers, and has the ability to process 60 steel billets (120 tons) per hour.

The steel billet heating furnace adopts a 6000 kW power supply and is composed of three 2000 kW intermediate frequency electric furnaces in parallel to achieve efficient heating.

The steel billet induction heating furnace is equipped with an intelligent PLC control system to achieve fully automatic control and monitoring of the steel billet heating process. By optimizing the heating curve and furnace insulation performance, energy consumption is effectively reduced. The power consumption per ton of steel billet heated from 800 ° C to 1100 ° C is only 35-50 kWh. In addition, the design of the system balances the compactness of the structure and the convenience of maintenance, making the equipment easy to integrate into existing production lines and reducing maintenance costs.

The Forever steel billet electromagnetic induction heating furnace utilizes automation and induction heating technology to ensure the accuracy and uniformity of the heating process, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality. This Billet induction heating machine is designed specifically for high-temperature continuous production environments, meeting the demands of modern steel manufacturing industry for high efficiency and low energy consumption. If you want to learn more about this production line and related heat treatment equipment information, please send us an email, and Forever professional technical engineers will serve you!

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