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Advantages of continuous casting steel induction heating furnace

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a professional technical solution design team for Continuous billet heating furnace, specializing in customized production of continuous casting induction heating furnaces for a wide range of users. The remote expansion electromechanical continuous casting induction heating furnace is computer-controlled to achieve automatic feeding, heating, and unmanned operation throughout the entire process. The complete power control model ensures the heating temperature of the heated steel billet.

The Continuous casting billet heating equipment is aimed at Forever Electromechanical, and the hot rolling production line for continuous casting billets is safe and reliable, with a 30% energy saving effect. The equipment is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and efficient. The induction heating furnace for continuous casting billets has stable performance, uniform heating, no bending or deformation.

Advantages of continuous casting billet heating furnace :

▲ Quick change furnace: Users can replace the furnace body within 15 minutes.

▲ Digital intermediate frequency induction heating power supply: Before sending the continuous casting and induction heating furnace, all process parameter settings in our factory are suitable for your workpiece, and users do not need to set them themselves. If changes are needed, users can easily operate the touch screen of the remote console.

▲ Our continuous casting and induction heating furnace has an automatic temperature adjustment function, which saves process parameters and protection.

▲ The continuous casting induction heating furnace is equipped with an infrared thermometer and power supply to form a closed-loop control, achieving the purpose of controlling heating temperature and time.

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Post time: 01-04-2024