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Leaf spring heating furnace

The price of leaf spring heating furnace depends on the specific configuration of leaf spring heating furnace. In addition, when selecting leaf spring heating furnace, it is better to fully consider a series of problems such as future development, so as to create high profits for yourself in the later stage. Hebei YUANTUO electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a good induction heating equipment manufacturer with many years of production experience.

induction heating furnace

YUANTUO electric leaf spring china induction heating furnace has the following characteristics:

1. If IGBT module induction power supply is adopted, high power regulation can be realized.

2. It has the advantages of uniform heating, fast heating speed and strong adaptive ability.

3. The mechanical transmission part is driven by frequency conversion motor, which has the characteristics of repeatable positioning, high precision, high degree of automation and high reliability.

4. The intelligent touch screen operation of leaf spring heating furnace has the function of one key start, which is easy to operate, easy to use and long service life.

5. It can be used for heat treatment of different metal workpieces, only need to change the inductor. Each equipment is equipped with quick change connector, which is convenient and quick to replace.

6. The leaf spring heating furnace adopts PLC industrial digital control system, with advanced performance, convenient debugging and use, which can meet the process requirements of complex workpiece to the greatest extent.

7. Temperature closed-loop control of steel plate electric heating equipment: the quenching and tempering adopt the American Raytheon infrared thermometer and the German Siemens S7 form a closed-loop control system to accurately control the temperature.

YUANTUO electromechanical leaf spring heating furnace is customized for you according to your process requirements. The configuration of leaf spring furnace is different, the production capacity is different, and the manufacturers of components are different, so the quotation of leaf spring heating furnace is different. If you have the demand in this respect, you can consult the technical Engineer in the station for free to provide the quotation of leaf spring heating furnace and medium frequency heating forging furnace for you Scheme and type selection.




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