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long steel billet induction heating furnace

Working principle of induction billet heating system

A billet heating furnace heats the steel billets in the furnace to the desired temperature through one or more sources of energy, and maintains them for a period of time to reach a uniformly heated state for further processing.

In specific work, principles such as electric heating energy, gas energy, or electromagnetic induction are used to heat steel billets, which are transmitted to the interior of the billets through heating elements or mechanical bearings.


For example, an steel billet heating furnace connects the variable current of the power frequency power supply to the induction card set connected to the high-frequency power supply, and uses the induction heating method to heat the steel billet. The high-temperature gas flow generated by the combustion of gas in the gas heating furnace contacts and transfers heat to the surface of the steel billet, while the resistance type heating furnace forms a high-temperature area around the heating elements and transfers the high temperature to the steel billet through heat transfer.

No matter which heating method is used, the main purpose is to ensure that the long billet induction heating system is not damaged while increasing the temperature, and also to ensure that the overall steel billet reaches the required temperature. In this regard, the control system of the billet heating furnace is crucial. By monitoring and calculating with sensors inside the furnace, the heating power can be adjusted in real-time, the heating rate can be controlled, and homogenization can be ensured to ensure that the heating process of the billet meets the specified quality standards.

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