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Maintenance of Steel Bar Quenching and Tempering Production Line

Hebei Forever Electromechanical is a well-known manufacturer of medium frequency induction heating equipment, providing high-quality fully automatic induction heating complete sets of equipment to users. Yuantuo Electromechanical has been engaged in the induction heating and heat treatment industry for more than 10 years, and has now become a well-known high-tech enterprise in China that integrates research and development, production, and sales. The company is located in the internationally renowned “hometown of acrobatics” Wuqiao Economic Development Zone, and its advantageous geographical location promotes the company’s certain development.

When it comes to steel bar induction heat treatment machine, many people know very little about it. Only heat treatment plants or large steel mills will use steel bar quenching and tempering production lines. As a professional designer and manufacturer of steel bar induction heating circuits, we will provide you with some tips for daily maintenance work.

steel bar hardening and tempering furnace

1. Regular maintenance of Long bar induction heat treatment machine: Regularly maintain various bolts and fasteners. If there is looseness or poor contact, repair or replace parts in a timely manner to avoid accidents.

2. It is recommended to use purified water as the cooling water for the steel bar quenching and tempering production line to avoid scale formation. But the water quality varies among users in different regions. If natural water or well water is used, the equipment will be easily scaled indoors. If the user does not clean for a long time, it will affect the cooling effect. It can even affect the cooling effect and is prone to aging

3. Regularly clean the dirt in the power supply. Dust can easily cover the internal components of the machine. After a period of time, dust will enter the interior of the components, affecting the normal operation of the steel Bar induction quenching tempering furnace. Therefore, cleaning the interior of the power supply is very necessary.

4. Regularly check if the circuit is intact. Whether it is high-frequency, intermediate frequency heat treatment equipment or ultrasonic induction heating equipment, the condition of the induction heating coil, especially the induction coil, should be checked. The oxide skin inside the induction coil should be cleaned in a timely manner. If there are cracks in refractory cement, users must inspect them.

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