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Round steel heating equipment

Forever is committed to the production and design of induction heating equipment with many years of experience. The process is mature and stable, and the operation is reliable. The round steel heating equipment has one click operation, and one person can control the production of the entire round steel heating equipment. During operation, there is complete data monitoring, process records, and strong traceability. The specially customized human-machine interface of the Induction bar heating furnace constantly displays production data, and a professional technical team, To provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

Characteristics of Round steel heating furnace

1. Fast heating: The heating speed is fast and can be adjusted and controlled.

2. Widely applicable: can heat various metal workpieces. (Make induction coils according to the shape of the workpiece)


3. Energy saving: With a thermal efficiency of over 95%, it is more energy-efficient than other heating methods (such as gas, oxygen, coking coal, etc.).

4. Good effect: The surface of the workpiece is heated evenly and quickly, reducing the degree of deformation of the workpiece surface oxidation layer machine.

5. High efficiency: The Steel bar heat treat furnace has automatic setting function, which is easy to operate and can be completed by one person, thereby reducing production processes and improving production efficiency.

6. Small footprint: The equipment occupies a small area and saves production space.

7. Easy to operate: PLC intelligent control system, simple and easy to learn.

8. Good environmental protection: No noise, pollution, and open flames, making it easier to meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection.

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