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Specification for use of forging heat permeable equipment and analysis of safety process of heating furnace

Yuantuo mechanical and electrical professional Induction heating machine, induction quenching equipment, Square steel forging heating equipment provider, according to the customer’s technological needs can be customized for you suitable induction heating equipment, forging diothermic equipment, induction quenching furnace, etc., the following Yuantuo professional engineer to explain to you the daily forging diathermy equipment applicable specifications, as well as induction heating furnace safety process attention points.

The forging diathermy equipment, induction heating furnace, mainly used in steel rod, steel pipe, aluminum rod, induction heating equipment in non-ferrous metal forging, such as round steel, square steel, induction heating equipment, steel plate diheat, reheating temperature, blue quenching blanking, on-line heating, local heating, metal materials forging (such as gear, half-shaft connecting rod, bearing, etc.), hot rolling, The heating before shear, as well as the whole metal material conditioning, annealing, tempering and so on.

Specification for the use of forging diathermic equipment, safety process analysis of heating furnace:

1, induction heating equipment needs two or more personnel to operate, and specify the person in charge of the operation.

2, pay attention to check the power supply and circuit of induction heating equipment before work.

3. Induction heating equipment should be kept clean, dry and dusty, and abnormal phenomena should be found in the work. First, the high voltage should be cut off, and then the fault should be checked and eliminated.

4, it is necessary to have a special person to repair the induction heating equipment, the equipment occurs alarm system, to deal with the induction heating equipment in time, so as not to affect the normal work of the equipment.

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