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Steel bar hardening and tempering treatment line

The Steel bar quenching tempering equipment integrates feeding, conveying, quenching and heating, spray quenching, tempering and heating, with touch screen operation. At the same time, it also has a series of optional devices to choose from, in order to improve the automation level of the equipment.

To know how to choose the configuration of the steel bar quenching and tempering production line, it is necessary to understand the role of these optional devices, so as to understand which ones are worth matching and not to worry about.

The commonly used devices in the production line of steel bar induction heat treatment machine include:

1、 Intermediate frequency heating equipment:

The intermediate frequency heating equipment is the core device of the entire production line, which is used to generate intermediate frequency electromagnetic fields. The metal workpiece is placed inside the intermediate frequency electromagnetic field, and as the frequency of the intermediate frequency electromagnetic field changes, eddy currents are generated inside the metal workpiece, thereby heating the metal workpiece.

2、 Mechanical conveying device:

The main function of the mechanical conveying device is to automatically, continuously, and uniformly feed the metal workpiece to be processed into the intermediate frequency heating equipment for heating.

3、 Infrared temperature measurement device:

The infrared temperature measurement device is located at the outlet of the intermediate frequency heating equipment to measure the temperature of the metal workpiece using infrared radiation, thereby controlling the heating temperature.

4、 Quenching device:

The quenching device is used to rapidly cool the quenching medium at the quenching and tempering temperature, in order to obtain the required quenching and tempering structure and hardness of the steel rod. The quenching device includes water quenching, oil quenching, etc.

5、 Central console:

The central console is the control center of the entire production line, and the operation of the entire production line can be controlled through the central console.

When selecting a Long bar induction heat treatment machine , it is necessary to clarify the role and value of different optional devices, and the configuration selection should be comprehensively considered based on the actual application situation. It is recommended to have detailed communication with professional technical personnel to understand the functions, applicability, and added value of the optional device, in order to make wise decisions.

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