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Steel bar hot rolling forging induction heating furnace

1. What is a round steel rod

A round steel rod refers to a solid strip of steel with a circular cross-section. Its specifications are expressed in diameter, in millimeters (mn), such as “50″ which represents a round steel with a diameter of 50 millimeters Round steel bars are divided into two types: hot rolled, forged, and cold drawn. The specifications of hot-rolled round steel are 5.5-250mm. Among them, 5.5-25mm small round steel is mostly supplied in straight bars, and is often used as reinforcement, bolts and various Machine element. Round steel larger than 25mm is mainly used to manufacture Machine element, seamless steel tube blanks, etc.

2. Heating

According to the acquisition of thermal energy, it can be divided into two categories: direct and indirect. Direct heat source heating refers to the direct application of heat to materials, such as flue gas heating, electric current heating, and solar radiation heating. Indirect heat source heating involves adding the heat energy from the direct heat source mentioned above to an intermediate heat carrier, which then transfers the heat energy back to the material.

3. How to choose a Steel bar induction heat treat furnace?

If traditional coal and gas are used for heating steel rods, it will seriously pollute the environment and waste resources. However, there is a lot of oxide skin on the target workpiece, and the loss is large, and the quality level drops. If modern induction heating equipment is used for washing, the heating efficiency can be improved, the use of electric heating can save energy and environmental protection, improve the environment, and save Labor burden. As a non-standard product, induction heating equipment needs to be customized according to its own requirements.Aluminum bar induction heating furnace



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