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Steel bar induction hardening heating furnace

In the metal Hot working industry, the Steel bar induction hardening equipment is a quite mature heating equipment, especially the heating before forging. The steel bar heating furnace is indispensable. The steel bar heating furnace is mainly a medium frequency heating furnace for forging heating. With its fast heating speed, convenient operation, energy conservation and environmental protection, it has won a lot of reputation for the medium frequency heating furnace. Next, let’s approach the steel rod heating furnace and learn about it!

1、 Background of Steel bar heat treat furnace:

The traditional heating method of steel rod heating furnace is flame heating, which heats the steel rod material by burning medium such as heavy oil and natural gas. It has the disadvantages of poor heating environment, long heating time, and high cost of flue gas desulfurization. With the advancement of technology and the maturity of intermediate frequency components, steel rod heating furnaces are gradually transitioning to the era of intermediate frequency heating furnaces. Flame heating is only applied in free forging heating, and the heating of forged steel bars has been dominated by medium frequency heating furnaces in the market. The medium frequency heating furnace for steel bars is an indispensable induction heating equipment for pre forging heating.

2、 Composition of Induction bar heating furnace :

The steel bar heating furnace is mainly composed of an intermediate frequency power supply, inductor, beat controller, inductor furnace frame, cooling system, automatic feeding system, infrared temperature measurement system, conveying system, discharge system, and control system.


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