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Steel bar induction heating furnace

FOREVER electromechanical steel bar induction heating equipment is applicable to induction heating of round steel, square steel, steel plate, steel strip, steel rolling and other profiles.

Features of Hebei FOREVER Electromechanical steel bar heating furnace:

1. The heating temperature is high, and it is non-contact heating, which makes the workpiece heating more uniform.

2. The carefully designed inductor has high heating efficiency, fast heating speed and easy temperature control.

3. The workpiece can be heated integrally or locally according to customer requirements.


4. The induction heating equipment has high temperature control and is fully automatic and intelligent.

5. Good working environment, pure and low energy consumption.

6. The work area is small and the production efficiency is high.

7. It can heat workpieces with complex shapes.

8. The workpiece is heated evenly and the product quality is good.

FOREVER electromechanical steel bar heating equipment is energy-saving, green and environmentally friendly, with high production efficiency.

Induction heating machine manufacturer

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