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Steel Bar Quenching Heat Treatment Production Line

The KGPS300KW Steel bar quenching tempering equipment produced by Forever Electromechanical is specially customized for customers. It uses electromagnetic induction heating technology to heat the rods to the required hardening temperature. The steel rod hardening and heat treatment production line is equipped with a conveyor roller, which can transport the heated rods to a circular cylindrical spray quenching device. During the multi-stage spray cooling process, the water is sprayed evenly to ensure that the metal bars do not deform.

The steel bar induction heat treatment equipment is suitable for quenching heat treatment of round steel bars such as ∅ 30 to ∅ 100 40 round bars, 65 manganese round bars, 45 steel, 416 steel bars, and 55 steel bars. The steel bar quenching heat treatment furnace can efficiently complete the quenching heat treatment tasks of various round steel, steel bars, 45 steel bars, and other steel bars, improving product quality and production efficiency.

The Long bar heat treatment machine has a high degree of automation, convenient maintenance, and is safe and reliable. Through PLC control, one click operation can be achieved, making the operation more convenient. The pneumatic structure of the equipment makes maintenance more convenient while ensuring the safety of the equipment. In addition, the production line also adopts a hot air circulation system to maintain a constant temperature of the hardening solution, ensuring more stable hardening quality.

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Post time: 11-22-2023