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Steel induction quenching equipment

YUANTUO electric & Mechanical Co., Ltd. has customized steel induction quenching equipment for you. It adopts man-machine interface and automatic control system. It has been specialized in induction heating equipment and induction heat treatment equipment for 20 years. The price of steel quenching equipment is about $3000-5000 lower than the industry average price. It provides steel bar heating furnace, steel pipe heating equipment, aluminum rod heating furnace and steel bar quenching and tempering equipment There are many successful cases, such as billet induction heating equipment, steel pipe heat treatment production line, steel bar induction quenching and tempering equipment, screw steel quenching and tempering equipment, etc


Features of YUANTUO electromechanical steel induction quenching equipment:

1. Intelligent matching, IGBT induction heating power control, low power consumption, high production efficiency.

2. High heating speed, uniform heating and high qualified rate of finished products.

3. Using the human-machine interface PLC automatic intelligent control, one person can operate the whole set of steel quenching equipment production.

4. The qualified rate of products is high. The steel quenching equipment has infrared thermometer to detect the temperature of metal workpiece in heating.

5. The formula management function and powerful formula management system can automatically call the relevant parameters after selecting the steel type and plate type parameters to be produced, so as to avoid manually recording, consulting and inputting the parameter values required by various workpieces.

Hebei YUANTUO Induction heating machine manufacturer has focused on the production and research of steel induction quenching equipment for many years. It has its own R & D base and industrial plant. It uses high-quality raw materials and exquisite workmanship, which ensures the quality of induction quenching furnace. It also has a perfect delivery system. It can be directly supplied from stock. Steel quenching equipment enjoys the factory price discount. You are welcome to consult online at any time and get the price of induction heating equipment for free More information, such as the program, has a professional technical manager for you to introduce.


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