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Steel plate induction heat treatment equipment

The Steel plate heat treatment furnace produced by Hebei Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. adopts the principle of induction heating: induction heating refers to placing the workpiece into an inductor, which is usually an air core copper tube with input of medium frequency or high-frequency alternating current (1000-300000Hz or higher). The generation of an alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece. This induced current is unevenly distributed on the surface, strong on the surface, but weak internally, approaching 0 at the center. By utilizing this skin effect, the surface of the workpiece can be rapidly heated, and within a few seconds, the surface temperature can rise to 800-1000 ℃, while the temperature rise at the center is minimal.

The heat treatment process of Forever Electromechanical Steel Plate Heat Treatment Furnace is commonly used for surface quenching, local annealing or tempering, and sometimes also for overall quenching and tempering. In the early 1930s, the United States and the Soviet Union began to apply induction heating method to surface quenching of parts. With the development of industry, induction heating heat treatment technology is constantly improving and its application scope is also expanding.

The main characteristics of Forever Electromechanical steel sheet induction heat treatment equipment :

1. Full power output, with multiple models of time control and split type.

2. The equipment is lightweight, easy to operate, safe and reliable, and eliminates the danger of high voltage.

3. Easy installation, just connect the power and water to use, and it can be completed in a few minutes.

4. It can be used continuously for 24 hours, efficient and energy-saving, and can save two-thirds of the electricity compared to conventional electronic tubes at high frequencies.

5. The automatic control type can adjust the power and time of heating and insulation processes, simplifying worker operations.

6. The heating speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the heating is uniform, so there are no missing or missing solder joints

7. Small oxidation area, beautiful, firm, and full appearance after welding

Hebei Forever Electromechanical specializes in producing plate heat treatment quenching production lines, with 20 years of heat treatment experience, mature technology, advanced equipment, a complete after-sales service system, and efficient quality assurance. Hebei Forever Electromechanical is your trusted heat treatment partner.

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