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Steel Plate surface hardening furnace is the main product of Forever Electromechanical. After years of effort, we have developed steel plate induction hardening equipment, steel bar hardening equipment, and other products. The induction heating equipment we produce has a high level of technical content, product performance, and after-sales service in the same industry. Forever Electromechanical warmly welcomes you to visit our factory for inspection!  

Plate induction hardening line

What is surface hardening: a heat treatment process in which the workpiece is heated above the phase transition point within a limited depth range on the surface, and then rapidly cooled to achieve the purpose of hardening within a certain depth range on the workpiece surface. The current popular method for surface hardening is induction heating, which uses the electromagnetic induction principle to generate eddy currents with high current density on the surface of steel plates to heat workpieces.




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Specialist of  induction heat treatment furnace in China;Glad to be your business partner in induction heating field.

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