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Sucker rod need same good quality? Using sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace

Sucker rod need same good quality? Using sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace

Hardening and tempering machine is already an essential heat treatment artifact in the modern metal heating industry. Enterprises that have hardening and tempering furnace have all realized that the stability and the qualified rate of the workpiece have risen. Sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering furnace composite heat treatment process of hardening and high temperature tempering to meet the sucker rod high strength characteristics.

The traditional process is to use resistance furnace or fuel furnace, there is shortcomings of low production efficiency, poor quality and stability. According to the characteristics of round steel bar, Forever designed medium frequency continuous hardening and tempering furnace was successfully applied to the quenching and tempering heat treatment of petroleum rods, drill rods and so on. The quality is stable and reliable, the production efficiency is improved by 2 to 3 times.

Sucker rod continuous hardening and tempering process includes IF induction quenching device, IF induction rod tempering device and rod head induction tempering device. Its characteristics are: The heating temperature and hardness of head and body is basically the same. Fast speed and uniform heating can make once completion for hardening, tempering and straightening.

The whole conveying system is using continuous speed control, which is easy to operate.

YuanTuo perfect after-sales service system can meet the customer’s future needs of equipment purchased, and we will send technician to your plant for installing and debug, .

With the trend of automation and intelligence coming, the market demand for hardening and tempering furnace is also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the needs of users, one and one continuous hardening and tempering furnace with features of reliable technology and stable quality was born in Forever workshop.


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