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The plate hardening furnace manufactured by Hebei Forever

The plate induction hardening furnace manufactured by Hebei Forever Electromechanical Factory can provide PLC or CNC control systems according to user requirements. The mechanical part of the plate hardening furnace adopts ball screw drive, which has the characteristics of repeatable positioning, high accuracy, high automation degree, large program capacity, and high reliability performance. The plate hardening furnace is a versatile and high-performance multifunctional induction hardening equipment with simple operation, small footprint, and long service life.

Characteristics of Forever Electromechanical Plate induction hardening line :

1. The intelligent medium frequency induction heating power supply can significantly save electricity, save energy and be environmentally friendly.

2. The steel plate induction heating furnace for sheet metal adopts PLC control program, which is fully automatic, intelligent, and highly reliable in performance.

3. It will not cause grid side pollution, the electric transformer will not generate heat, the compensating capacitor of the substation will not generate heat, and it will not interfere with the operation of other equipment

4. The workpiece after hardening treatment has no overburning, deformation, bending or other phenomena.

5. Forever Electromechanical has nearly 20 years of rich experience in induction heating in the manufacturing of Steel plate heat treatment furnace. Whether it is technical research and development or after-sales maintenance, we are confident in achieving customer satisfaction.

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