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The reason for rapid heating of the billet heating furnace?

billet induction heating furnace can be used to heat treat all kinds of workpieces. With the continuous development of industrialization in our country, induction heating heat treatment technology has been more and more used, but how to realize this kind of rapid heating in billet heating furnace? This technology has not been widely recognized, if you are interested in this or need to know, then please patiently read this article, I believe it will be helpful to you!

The principle of rapid heating of billet heating furnace is that the workpiece is placed in the induction ring, and the inductor is generally a hollow copper tube with intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (300-300000Hz or higher). The induction current of the same frequency is produced in the workpiece. The induction current is unevenly distributed on the workpiece, strong on the surface, but very weak inside, and the center is close to 0. by using this skin effect, the surface of the workpiece can be heated rapidly, and the surface temperature can rise to 800 ≤ 1000 °C in a few seconds, while the temperature of the heart increases very little. To put it simply, it can produce a certain induction current inside the workpiece, thus forming a vortex, heating the surface of the part quickly, and achieving the effect of rapid heating and even diathermy melting of the surface.

The current frequencies used in Hengyuan local heating device in Hebei Province are as follows:

1, intermediate frequency heating: the current frequency is 500 ≤ 10 000 Hz, and the common use is 2500 × 8 000 Hz. The power supply equipment is mechanical intermediate frequency heating device or thyristor intermediate frequency generator. Hardened layer depth ~ 10 mm. Suitable for large diameter shafts, medium and large gears.

2, high frequency heating: 100 ≤ 500KHZ, commonly used 200 ≤ 300KHZ, for electronic tube high frequency heating, hardened layer depth of 0.5 × 2.5mm, suitable for small and medium-sized parts.

3, power frequency heating: the current frequency is 50Hz. Using mechanical power frequency heating power supply equipment, the hardened layer depth can reach 10 × 20 mm, which is suitable for surface quenching of large diameter workpiece.


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