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What are the matters needing attention in the installation of induction heating power supply?

What are the matters needing attention in the induction hardening and tempering equipment power supply: first, the matters needing attention in the installation of high frequency induction heating power supply:


1, the supporting instructions of the equipment should be read as detailed as possible before installing the equipment;

2, the equipment used for induction heating is generally high power equipment, the connection between the equipment must be firm, it has to be carefully said that the power cord must not be simply hung on the power grid;

3, single-phase 220V power supply connection, a fire line, a zero wire, in the installation process must not add ground wire instead of zero line; three-phase connection 380V;

4, any induction heating power supply should avoid no-load boot.

Second, the points for attention should be paid attention to in the installation of split wire:

(1) when installing, screw the cable in the opposite direction, then insert the fast joint lock, and the cable is just not twisted;

(2) check the cable locking frequently;

(3) fix the cable at the fast joint so that the cable will not cause fast joint transmission when the cable wobbles in operation.

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