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What are the processes involved in metal surface heat treatment?

Under the action of extrusion and bending, the surface layer of some metal work-pieces bears higher force than the center. In the case of large stress, the surface layer is still constantly worn out, so the requirements of high strength, high hardness, high wear resistance and high fatigue limit are put forward for the surface layer of some parts, and only the induction hardening and tempering equipment can meet the above requirements. Because surface quenching has the advantages of small deformation and high productivity, it is widely used in production. According to the different heating methods, the metal surface heat treatment mainly includes induction heating surface quenching, flame heating surface quenching, electric contact heating surface quenching and so on.

Surface quenching induction heating of metal surface heat treatment is to use electromagnetic induction to produce vortex current in the workpiece and heat the workpiece. Induction heating metal surface heat treatment and ordinary quenching ratio have the following advantages:

The heat source energy is on the surface of the workpiece, the heating speed is fast and the thermal efficiency is high. Because the metal workpiece is not the whole heating quenching heat treatment, the metal surface heat treatment rapid quenching causes the metal material to have no deformation, no crack, no cracking, no notch, no oxidation decarbonization and so on. Metal surface heat treatment makes the surface hardness of metal workpiece high, notch sensitivity small, impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. It is beneficial to give full play to the potential of materials, save material consumption and improve the service life of metal materials. The cylinder heat treatment furnace is compact, convenient to use and better working conditions. The metal surface heat treatment inductor adopts imitation inductor, while spraying and quenching, hardness and depth of hardened layer of metal material can meet the requirements.

Metal surface heat treatment is to strengthen the metal workpiece by surface quenching and heat treatment, and it can also be selected to maintain the microstructure and properties of the center basically. For example, the cylinder heat treatment furnace has the characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance and high toughness, and it is also induction heating equipment and metal surface heat treatment, which can reduce quenching deformation, crack and oxidation decarbonization of metal workpiece, and save energy and electricity. Environmental protection and pollution-free, has been widely used in the machining industry at present.


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