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What equipment does it take to heat the steel plate?

In the industry, because of the different application of the steel plate, it is necessary to change the physical characteristics of the steel plate after the steel plate is heated and then treat the steel plate, and what equipment is required plate induction hardening and tempering?

The steel plate induction heating furnace can replace the traditional heating equipment to occupy the market.

1. When the medium-frequency induction heating furnace is used for heating in the production, no pollution is generated, and compared with the conventional flame furnace, the heat efficiency of the furnace is high.

2. The process is energy-saving. The heating and energy saving of the medium-frequency heating specific gravity oil is 31.5% and 54.3%, which is more than 5% and 40% higher than that of the gas heating energy

3,The oxidation loss of the workpiece is less, the oxidation loss of the intermediate-frequency heating workpiece is only 0.5 percent, the oxidation loss of the gas furnace heating is 2 percent, the coal-fired furnace reaches 3 percent, and the intermediate-frequency heating process saves the steel.

4,The heating temperature is uniform, the quality is good, the rejection rate is reduced by 1.5 percent, and the production efficiency is improved by 10 to 30 percent.

5, The device is compact, the occupied area is small, the space is saved, the maintenance is convenient, the device heating furnace body is modularized, and the replacement is convenient.

6, The automation degree is high, the automation is easy to realize, the labor cost is saved, and the working efficiency is improved. The automation of the heating production line is realized, and the production capacity of the forging host is fully utilized.



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