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What is continuous hardening and tempering furnace?

What is continuous hardening and tempering furnace?

Induction hardening and tempering is using induction current to make the workpiece heating, which is surface heat treatment process. continuous hardening and tempering furnace is one of machines to achieve this process, which can be used for surface hardening, local annealing or tempering, sometimes used for through hardening and tempering.

What is the application of continuous hardening and tempering furnace?

  • Improve product quality,
  • Shorten the production cycle and improve working conditions,
  • Improve the level of production organization.

Currently the most widely application is surface heat treatment, which can be applied to quenching, tempering, normalizing, quenching, diathermy and so on. Suitable for mechanized large-scale production and achieve unmanned operation through computer control.

What are the advantages of continuous hardening and tempering furnace?

1. Shorten the production cycle and improve working conditions.

2. Improve the level of production organization, improve product quality.

3. Saving 2% than flame heating furnace, while improving the service life of forging mold.

4. Improve the working environment. As induction heating does not produce smoke and dust, so it’s good for workshop environment.

5. Heating time is short, high efficiency, induction heating efficiency is up to 60% -70%.

Professional continuous hardening and tempering furnace:

1. Oil drill pipe continuous hardening and tempering furnace

Mainly used for petroleum pipe (oil drill pipe, drill collar) heat treatment, drill pipe end thickening, heating, wear-resistant welding with preheating, elbow heating, gas (oil) pipe anti-corrosion coating heating.

2. Long-axis hardening and tempering machine

For larger diameter shaft (workpiece diameter Ø30-Ø500) hardening and tempering heat treatment.

3. Steel bar intermediate frequency quenching heat treatment production line

Mainly used for car steering gear, rack rough (bar) and a variety of shaft-type rough tempered.

4. Prestressed steel bar heat treatment equipment

5. Plate hardening and tempering furnace

The production line has PLC centralized control, work safety, stability and reliability
Controlling, reducing and preventing hardening heat treatment deformation and cracking are problems that people attach great importance to in production. Experience from many factories proves that to achieve the above purpose, effective measures should be taken not only in the heat treatment process and the operation of continuous hardening and tempering furnace.We should also pay attention to the other production procedures.


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