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What equipment is used for heating angle steel? How much is it?

I’d like to heat the angle steel. What equipment do I need? How much is it? What is the environmentally friendly equipment for heating angle steel? Is that okay? If you want to know such a question, please come with me

One, what equipment is used to heat the angle steel? What equipment is used for heating angle steel in the industrial market? In fact, can solve this problem, select the equipment that can heat the angle steel, but on the market so many heating angle steel equipment, which is able to meet the environmental protection requirement?

Although there are a lot of equipment for heating angle steel on the market, it is the angle heating electric furnace that can really combine the heated angle steel with environmental protection. The details are as follows: the angle heating electric furnace is mainly suitable for angle steel. The equipment used for on-line heating of the workpiece such as angle iron adopts electric heating in the process of heating the angle steel and has higher energy saving and environmental protection compared with the traditional angle steel heating equipment in the process of heating.

Second, how much is the equipment price for heating angle steel? The billet induction heating furnace is widely used in industry at present, but the equipment belongs to the non-calibration type equipment, according to the size of the workpiece and the technological requirements of the customer, There are also differences in production capacity and the price of different equipment for the main parts of a complete set of angle heating electric furnaces, so there is a difference in the price of a set of angle steel heating places depending on the production power of the equipment and the configuration of different prices. The specific price is based on the final quotation..


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