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Bar quenching heat treatment furnace

Bar quenching heat treatment furnace


Material 29Mn5, 25MnCr, 25CrMnMo 
Bar diameter ≥ø20mm
Process Quenching, tempering, annealing

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Bar quenching heat treatment furnace is manufactured by Forever, one factory located in China. Forever company has provided more than 500 sets of bar heat treatment furnace for different heat treatment industry,including round bar quenching furnace, plate quenching equipment, rod surface quenching equipment, shaft quenching furnace etc.

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Product name Bar quenching heat treatment furnace
Brand Forever
Material 29Mn5, 25MnCr, 25CrMnMo, 25MnV 
Bar diameter ≥ø20mm
Process Quenching, tempering, annealing
Quenching temperature 920-930℃
Power required 100-5000KW

bar quenching heat treatment

Inductor Parameter Design

According to the different parameters of the workpiece,our engineer will optimizatized design different inductor group to get the effect of high efficiency. The inductor for tempering will increase the inductor quantity and adding tempering holding box to get better structure after temepring,ensuring the workpiece performance meets the requirements.


it is a circular spray device made of stainless steel, installed in the discharge end of the inductor, the casing go through from the sprayer.The high-pressure cooling water from the spray hole wall will spray casing for cooling There is water collecting tank below sprayer and the cooling water flows into the quenching circulating pool through water collecting tank.

quenching and tempering furnace

Why choose Forever Bar quenching heat treatment furnace ?

●   Parallel resonant design, phase shift power, rectifier fully open, high power factor, small harmonic, simple operation.

●   Power supply and induction heater always maintain the best match, full power output, saving 15-30% compared with the traditional inverter power.

●   Frequency conversion adaptive, induction furnace replacement automatic matching without any artificial adjustments.

●   Cabinet adopts T2 copper, sandblasting, passivation treatment; low leakage, anti-oxidation, effectively reduce line loss.

●   Full touch screen control, pure digital setting, with a complete process records and strict level authority. The main parameters can be returned to the factory settings through one button..

●   Bar heat treatment furnace has functions: over-current, over-voltage, water pressure, lack of phase, undervoltage, overload. vistingcompany

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