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Steel plate heat treatment equipment

The Steel plate heat treatment furnace is produced by Forever Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Company. Forever steel plate heat treatment equipment manufacturers provide you with a suitable quotation plan for steel plate heat treatment equipment. The steel plate heat treatment equipment adopts a PLC fully automatic control program with a human-machine interface, which has high efficiency.

Hebei Forever Electromechanical Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of steel plate heat treatment equipment, and has absolute strength to ensure the progressiveness of the Induction plate heating furnace. Our quality inspection department is directly led by the general manager to ensure the reliability of the ex factory steel plate heat treatment equipment, and has a special technical support department to ensure that the after-sales service channel of the induction heating equipment is fast and efficient. We sincerely invite you to visit Forever, I believe you will be satisfied with our company’s situation.

The advantages of the Steel plate heat treatment furnace produced by Forever Electromechanical include:

1. Power saving, the semi steel plate heat treatment equipment using IG BT switching devices saves 30% electricity compared to electronic tube type and 20% money compared to thyristor intermediate frequency.

2. Stable performance, complete protection, no worries, and steel plate induction heat treatment equipment will not strike for no reason, ensuring work efficiency and progress.

3. The equipment has fast heating speed, no oxide layer, and small deformation.

4. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, portability, and convenient installation.

5. The safety is quite guaranteed, with sensor isolation and extremely high safety, which will not cause unnecessary casualties and is very safe. 

Slab induction heating equipment

6. Environmental protection, health, IGBT switching devices, quite energy-saving, coupled with no noise, dust, pollution, energy conservation, environmental protection and health, quite in line with the ideas of contemporary environmentalists.

7. Strong adaptability, capable of heating workpieces of different sizes.

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